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Newswire | PR Pro

 In our 2023 Survey of THOUSANDS of PR PROfessionals, we found that:

Newswire | PR-Pro - 43%

of respondents agree that building brand recognition is their main priority for 2023

Newswire | PR Pro 57%

said they need the need the most help with content writing

Newswire | PR Pro Over 30%

shared that media pitching, targeting, monitoring and SEO strategy were all major needs

Confused about where to start with your PR Planning?

Don’t have the tools to uncover and reach the right media contacts?

Do you lack the resources and bandwidth to create and execute a PR strategy?


Newswire | PR Pro


Made for brands that need help consistently fueling their content machines with optimized press releases, blogs, and more.

Our team of expert PR Strategists and Content Writers will work with your team to plan a full communication strategy, build out your PR Calendar, craft engaging content both on-site and off-site, optimize your content for search engines, and create a central launchpad for you to share your news with the world.

✅  Press Release Calendar
✅  Press Release Writing (12)
✅  SEO Optimization
✅  4 Blogs per Month
✅  Online Media Room


Made for brands that need help bridging the gap between their content and the media.

Reaching the media can be a challenge on its own, but capturing the media’s attention enough to run with your news, adds a newfound layer of difficulty.

Our Media Outreach team knows what it takes to get your brand in front of the right people at the right time.

With our media Media PRO package, we’ll create a list of up to 100 contacts as well as custom targeting lists to help you reach the industry leads that are most important to your brand, pitch your story in a compelling manner and monitor the results.

✅  Custom Media Targeting (up to 100 Contacts)
✅  Media Pitching (up to 10)
✅  Media Monitoring
✅  Media Databases


Made for brands that want to outsource press release distribution and maximize their return on investment.

Total PRO blends the offerings of both the Content PRO and Media PRO packages to give brands a full service approach to their press release distribution.

Our team of experts will handle everything from strategy creation and implementation to media pitching, reporting on performance, and everything in between.

We’ll manage and maximize your press release distribution efforts so you can focus on other high-priority initiatives that’ll move the needle for your brand.

Another PRO of this package is you’ll get all of these offerings for a fraction of the cost of working with a traditional agency.

✅  Content Pro + Media Pro

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