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Meet Our Media Suite


Media Database

Our Media Database is built to give you the accurate contact information you need when you need it -- no second guessingWe blend technology (artificial intelligence) with the human touch to add and delete contacts to make sure our thousands of contacts are up-to-date and ready for you.


Media Pitching

Our Media Pitching platform is the solution you need to customize and deliver media pitches you’re proud of and journalists want to read. It seamlessly integrates with our Media Database to give you confidence that your pitches are landing in the right inboxes.


Media Monitoring

Easily keep track of brand mentions, gain competitor intel, and read through relevant news and trending industry topics. With no restrictions on the number of alerts or users, our Media Monitoring tool is made for more -- insights to review, data to analyze, and opportunities to capitalize on.


Media Room

Our Media Room is like an online business card and elevator pitch wrapped into one. Easily curate your press releases, earned media mentions, popular social posts, contact information, and more, to showcase your best content to the media and your audience.

"Excellent Distribution and Great Service"

"Newswire has the largest network of media outlets for the best price on the internet. I've been in PR for over 10 years and have tried almost every service available. Newswire is by far the best performance for the best price."

-Heather L.


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